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 We are a group of current conflict veterans that strive to help other combat veterans succeed through extreme sports.

We utilize as many veteran extreme sports as we can to take the edge out of civilian life.
Some of us have wounds left over from combat, others can't be seen - but we all benefit from getting out
and meeting people that have been in our shoes.  
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The U.S.A. has deployed over 2.4 million men and women to hostile war zones since 9/11 alone. Some of these service members come back suffering from the scars of war, both physical and mental, but with others even harder to see. XSports4Vets started as a project in occupational therapy and quickly grew into something much larger and more personal for the veterans involved.

This documentary follows XSports4Vets in 2011, their first year of operation. Five years later, we are still going strong and have even more passion and drive to help veterans affected by war.

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 We are a Veteran Focused Non-Profit Organization funded through your generosity!

We will use every penny as efficiently and wisely as possible to complete our mission. We also accept any new or used sporting gear. Everything helps - even if it's just your moral support! Please Contact Us or use our link below to make a donation through Paypal or Credit Card. Thank you for considering us for your generosity.